Hang Five is a daily word-guessing game. There are five words and they all share a common theme.

You have five lives.

If you pick a wrong letter, you lose a life.

Vowels are very useful, but using one will sacrifice an additional life. Vowels are in the blue squares. When there are no consonants left, vowels are free to use.

Once you’ve guessed all the words, the day’s theme is revealed.

Play for free at playhangfive.com.

About the game

We came up with the idea for Hang Five when on holiday in Indonesia. Inspired by games the puzzle books we bought for the flights, and online word games like Wordle, we wanted to see if we could come up with our own!

After a bit of testing with friends, we ended up with the game that you see today.


If you have any enquiries about Hang Five, please email us at hello@playhangfive.com.