Arun Stephens

Samsung S4 browser slow with bad performance? Force Chrome on Android!

The stock browser on the Samsung Galaxy S4 (launched with the “Internet” icon) has notoriously poor performance, particularly with JavaScript. In my particular case, I was trying to run an animation created in Adobe Edge. Chrome, on the same device, however, was flawless. Why the new Samsung browser is worse than the old one from the S-III is a topic for another conversation – one that I am never going to have now that I have found this solution. Read more →

Nexus One update trashes Twitter?

Here’s a weird one. I have just updated my Nexus One to build FRF83D. And the official Twitter app has disappeared. Completely. I had to reinstall it from Android Market. The app was preinstalled with the previous build, and you couldn’t get rid of it. But removing it when it is already installed and being used, without asking, is a little weird. I don’t know if it’s just my phone (and if so, what did I do to cause it? Read more →

Nexus One Froyo build number

I have been wondering what the actual build number of Froyo (Android 2.2) on Nexus One was. It is the FRF number that you can read under “About phone” in Settings. It’s FRF91. Not FRF83, and not FRF85. It arrived this morning (Sunday 4 July) on the Nexus One in the UK. So, if you haven’t got that build yet, it is coming soon! Read more →

Using the Android accelerometer

I am building my first real Android application. It is a Hindi flashcards application. It works already (in that it will shows the different Devanagari characters and English transliterations) but now needs some better UI features. The first one I am going to implement is shuffling the deck of cards by shaking the phone, using its accelerometer. To handle accelerometer events, you need to get a reference to the SensorManager and then register a new SensorEventListener using the registerListener method: Read more →