Arun Stephens

Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient is not actually on Azure

And neither is Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics. It’s ironic that the diagnosis of Windows Azure roles failing to start up is that the Diagnostics assembly isn’t present. I’ve spent the better part of a day trying to figure out why things weren’t working. According to countless forum posts, blog articles and MSDN articles, the main reason that roles fail to fire up and end up cycling between initializing and busy is that there are dependent files missing. Read more →

Running ASP.NET MVC 3 on Azure

If you have successfully installed an app running MVC 2 on Azure, and then try to upgrade it to MVC 3, you might run into some troubles. What might help is to ensure that you have also deployed the new assemblies. MVC 2 is part of .NET 4.0, and its assemblies are included in the standard Azure image, but the new ones aren’t. You have to deploy them yourself. They won’t get deployed by default because they are in the GAC. Read more →

jQuery, posting arrays and square brackets

This is old, but new to me. I guess it shows that I haven’t been doing a lot of front-end work lately. I am trying to post an array to a server, using jQuery: $('#fbshare').click(function () {<br></br> $.post('url',<br></br> { array: [ 'only one item' ] },<br></br> function() {<br></br> alert('done!');<br></br> }, 'json');<br></br> });``` It turns out that %5b%5d is URL encoding for []. So jQuery “helpfully” making the arrays PHP-style. I don’t need, or want that, but according to [this post on the jQuery forum](http://forum. Read more →

You can’t use Google Analytics on

I wish I knew this before I spent $12 on a custom domain for You can’t use Google Analytics on a site. I think the advantages of hosting the blog on their infrastructure outweigh the inconvenience of not having all metrics in one place (at least at this early stage), but it sure is an inconvenience. Hopefully the Stats feature is good enough. From what I’ve read on TechCrunch though (and this is what sparked that whole “RSS is dead” fight last week), the stats that WordPress. Read more →

Azure 1.3, Rewrite module and a ‘Faulted’ System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel

I recently updated to Azure SDK 1.3. Then I tried to debug my solution locally. This is where the trouble began. The problem was that I was using the IIS Rewrite module without having it installed. Rewrite was part of Azure SDK 1.2, but it has to be installed separately for 1.3. I guess I should have read the release notes. Here is what the problem was, and how I found the solution. Read more →

Images showing on iPhone Simulator but not device?

If you’re working on an app (Zoopcast, say) and you’re finding that images that you’ve got in your application bundle are showing up when you’re running in the simulator, but not on the device, check the case of your filenames. I thought there might have been some sort of image format problem that [UIImage imageNamed:] uses, but I was wrong. It was simple case sensitivity. I’m guessing that my computer has a case-insensitive filesystem whereas the iPhone and iPod I am testing on presumably have a case-sensitive one. Read more →

WCF adding trailing slashes

I’ve run into some weird issues, which I’ve finally figured out, when building the Zoopcast web service, which will eventually become the REST API for Zoopcast when we’ve got a useful number of users and a stable API. The problem is that if there is an empty URI, WCF expects a trailing slash, and will helpfully redirect you to it. That’s what you’d usually expect when you get to a directory on a web server. Read more →

CLLocationCoordinate2DMake is new in iOS 4

I hadn’t done any Core Location work before iOS 4 came out. But now I am. And I ran into a very odd EXC_BAD_ACCESS bug when running on an iPod touch that’s running iPhone OS 3.1.3. I pinpointed the problem (actually, I think it was only a problem, because I did a lot of other refactoring to get to this point) was with CLLocationCoordinate2DMake. And I finally realised when looking in the header that it’s new for iOS 4. Read more →

Nexus One update trashes Twitter?

Here’s a weird one. I have just updated my Nexus One to build FRF83D. And the official Twitter app has disappeared. Completely. I had to reinstall it from Android Market. The app was preinstalled with the previous build, and you couldn’t get rid of it. But removing it when it is already installed and being used, without asking, is a little weird. I don’t know if it’s just my phone (and if so, what did I do to cause it? Read more →

To Three20 or not to Three20…

My answer, and one I wish I came to a bit earlier, is not to Three20. And the reason is this. It is a completely different architecture to the native UIKit framework. Which is fine, it’s supposed to be. But because of this, making what should be minor changes to the appearance of a table view cell, for example, can become troublesome. Some of the problems I had were because of the lack of documentation. Read more →