Arun Stephens

Got a number but no name? Facebook will tell you!

There’s been a bit of news about Facebook’s new (or at least newly publicised) Contacts feature. The gist of it is that when installing the mobile app, you can have it sync your phone contacts with Facebook. That way, all your contacts are available on Facebook, and you also get Facebook friends’ phone numbers on your phone. But what I haven’t seen mentioned, and what I noticed today, was that in my Contacts on Facebook, there were a whole lot of random people’s names and photos. Read more →

Where are the home and end keys on a Chromebook?

I’m writing to you on my shiny new Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, which I was sent by Google after the Google I/O conference in San Francisco earlier this year. It doesn’t have a normal keyboad. Which is somewhat annoying, as it’s missing several keys. So, for your reference, here are the key combinations for some of the missing keys: I originally found this information over at (page no longer exists). Read more →

The OVH Kimsufi Ubuntu kernel doesn’t support NFS

That is kind of annoying. I am going to follow the instructions from later this weekend, and get back to a standard kernel. Or next week. So if the server goes does down, that’s why! Update: Not happening this weekend! Too much work to do. Update 2: Did it. It works. No problems there. Read more →

Odd bug with inheritance and Objective C synthesized properties (with solution)

This is a weird one. I have a class. And it has a subclass. I kept getting error: 'psc' undeclared (first use in this function). Strangely, it would only occur when compiling for the device. The simulator was fine. psc is an ivar of the superclass. I did a bit of research and found the word @synthesize. I noticed that none of my other subclasses of that same class synthesized anything. Read more →

APIs and dates

Time for a rant. If you are building an API, whether it is for public consumption or not, you should make sure you communicate dates in an unambiguous way. You should always be able to figure out the exact time, regardless of time zone or daylight saving. The best way is to just use UTC. Or, if you can’t/won’t do that, you should include the time zone every time you mention a date. Read more →

Facebook asking you to rate Places

I just noticed this, not sure if it’s new or part of their A/B testing. They’ve got a box on the right hand side asking which of two places I have previously checked into was better. It looks like Facebook are trying to gather information about places so they can provide recommendations, much like foursquare’s Explore tab. Have any of you noticed this on Facebook? Answer in the comments or on Twitter @arunstephens. Read more →

Core Data not returning a custom concrete class

Ever had a problem when you’re fetching something from an NSManagedObjectContext, and you’ve set a concrete class in your model, only to find that it is an NSManagedObject? Me too. I read this post at StackOverflow, which suggested that you have to create the subclass using Xcode, from within the modeler. OK, I thought. I’ll try that. I deleted my old .h and .m files. I went into the modeler. I created a new Managed Object class. Read more →

Temporary NSManagedObjectIDs

I’ve run into a problem where I insert a managed object into a managed object context, in a separate thread, and then return the object ID to the main thread and then retrieve the object from the main thread’s context using that ID. It didn’t always work. It is because I saved the first managed object context after I took the object ID. And the object ID was temporary because the object hadn’t been persisted. Read more →

binding not implemented for this SQLType 7: Core Data and iPhone OS 3

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'binding not implemented for this SQLType 7' That’s not something you want to read. And it doesn’t make much sense. And there’s not a lot out there on that problem, either. I am adding Core Data to Zoopcast (the people-powered local search app). The first few releases just took data from the JSON web service, and put it into unmanaged objects. (As it turns out, I probably should have gone with Core Data from day one. Read more →

Azure Full IIS: RoleEntryPoint runs in different process to web app

I just found this one out thanks to this post from the Azure team. Basically, I was configuring Table Storage (as you may have guessed, if you’ve read my other posts today), and using the CloudStorageAccount.FromConfigurationSetting(string) method. As you are probably aware (if you are aware of this sort of stuff), to be able to use that method, you must first set a function that tells Cloud Storage how to figure out how to get configuration settings. Read more →