Arun Stephens

Nexus One update trashes Twitter?

Here’s a weird one. I have just updated my Nexus One to build FRF83D. And the official Twitter app has disappeared. Completely. I had to reinstall it from Android Market. The app was preinstalled with the previous build, and you couldn’t get rid of it. But removing it when it is already installed and being used, without asking, is a little weird. I don’t know if it’s just my phone (and if so, what did I do to cause it? Read more →

New server

I just moved my blog to a new server. I also installed WordTwit, which is supposed to send blog updated to Twitter. And this is a test of it. And in theory, the update will go out to Facebook as well. That is all I have to say. Read more →

Skype for Mac Mood Message Feed

Why isn’t anybody writing about the “Mood Message Feed” in Skype for Mac 2.8? This version appears to have been out for a month now. I Googled it to see whether it was a Mac-specific thing or if the real version has it as well and I just haven’t updated to the latest version. There were 4 results (not including the ones that Google hid). It says it’s a pseudo chat, showing the mood updates that your contacts make. Read more →