Arun Stephens

Got a number but no name? Facebook will tell you!

There’s been a bit of news about Facebook’s new (or at least newly publicised) Contacts feature. The gist of it is that when installing the mobile app, you can have it sync your phone contacts with Facebook. That way, all your contacts are available on Facebook, and you also get Facebook friends’ phone numbers on your phone. But what I haven’t seen mentioned, and what I noticed today, was that in my Contacts on Facebook, there were a whole lot of random people’s names and photos. Read more →

Facebook asking you to rate Places

I just noticed this, not sure if it’s new or part of their A/B testing. They’ve got a box on the right hand side asking which of two places I have previously checked into was better. It looks like Facebook are trying to gather information about places so they can provide recommendations, much like foursquare’s Explore tab. Have any of you noticed this on Facebook? Answer in the comments or on Twitter @arunstephens. Read more →

Facebook Places has launched in the UK. The End.

At the risk of turning this into a blog that’s exclusively about Facebook Places, I figure I should write a very short piece about Facebook Places actually launching in the UK. So here it goes.. Facebook Places launched in the UK some time this morning. If you’re wondering why I was looking at Facebook Places in the first place, follow @arunstephens on Twitter, and you’ll be amongst the first to know when my new (location-based, obviously) project is launched. Read more →

Is the international Facebook Places launch imminent?

I hadn’t checked into my home office with Facebook Places for a few days, so I decided to fire up the proxy server and check in tonight. I was pleasantly surprised as what I found. It appears that a lot of local landmarks (bridges mostly, and the Battersea Power Station) have been added to the Facebook Places database. Does this mean that Facebook have been busy populating their database, ready for the launch? Read more →

Following Zuckerberg’s footsteps in London with Facebook Places

Right now, Facebook Places is only available in the United States. Well, that’s not entirely true. It’s only available to United States IP addresses. And they are not that difficult to come by. Facebook Places has been in development for around 8 months, but I’ve found evidence (for want of a better word) that it has been working, outside the US, at least since June, when several Facebookers were in London, for a hack day and a special edition of the Facebook Developer Garage. Read more →

New server

I just moved my blog to a new server. I also installed WordTwit, which is supposed to send blog updated to Twitter. And this is a test of it. And in theory, the update will go out to Facebook as well. That is all I have to say. Read more →

OpenID and iPhone apps

I am trying to find an OpenID implementation that is similar to the way that Facebook Connect’s login mechanism works on the iPhone. I can’t find anything, which is very surprising. Does anybody know of an open source OpenID consumer implementation for iPhone OS? And if you don’t know of one, are you looking for one? If I can’t find one, I am going to have to write my own, and it’s something that I think would do well to be open sourced, so if you are interested, please post a comment. Read more →

Facebook lost some data

I’m not sure how widespread this was, but I got an email from Facebook saying: Subject: Please reset your email notification settings. Unfortunately, the settings that control which email notifications get sent to you were lost. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. To reset your email notification settings, go to: Thanks, The Facebook Team And on the Facebook home page, this appears at the top: Apparently, it’s quite widespread, but that’s only amongst people who have written about it in blogs, etc. Read more →

My far-too-liberal Facebook friend policy

I have 197 friends on Facebook. I don’t think I have 197 friends in real life. When I first signed up to Facebook in the northern autumn of 2006, I had less than 10 friends. That was when I was in France, and most of the people I knew there were either still students (the poms) or had just finished university (the yanks). And Facebook was very big at universities in those two countries. Read more →

The end of some of my sports picks applications

During the Rugby World Cup, I stared an application on Facebook: France 2007 World Cup Picks. It had that stupid name for trade mark reasons. (Another app turned up a few weeks later called Rugby World Cup complete with the real logo, but it didn’t have anything to do with the IRB.) It now called Rugby Picks and is following the Heineken Cup. At its peak, there were 35,000 users. The peak was about halfway through the competition, and it dropped off significantly by the end. Read more →